Premier Coffee & Espresso Company

Tired of leaving the comfort of your office to grab your morning or mid-day java fix? Say no more!

Premier Coffee and Espresso Company provides quality service and delicious coffee to workplaces all over Sudbury and the surrounding areas.
With a product selection ranging from single cup to full batch brewing and everything in between, the folks at Premier Coffee & Espresso Company are more than able to supply you and your fellow employees with what you need.

Opening a new restaurant or unsatisfied with your current coffee supplier?

Premier Coffee and Espresso Company will do whatever it takes to supply exactly what you need. If our large production selection doesn't already include what you need, simply contact one of our sales/service representatives and we'll make sure to find what you're looking for.

What We're About
If you're looking for a large corporation that tells you to "take a number" or "leave a message", you're in the wrong place. The crew at Premier Coffee and Espresso Company are just like you and me. They love to get to know their clients and have a great passion for coffee. Don't be surprised if they ask you how your day is going or crack a joke the next time you see them.

So the next time you need your daily cup of java, forget about leaving the office! Call the guys at Premier Coffee and Espresso Company and they'll make sure you get the delicious coffee you need.